USCIS Announces Transfer of I-751 Petitions from the Texas Service Center (TSC) to the National Benefits Center (NBC)

Posted on Oct 30, 2020

USCIS has recently announced that it transferred certain I-751 Petitions to Remove Conditions on Residence from the Texas Service Center, where they were pending, to the National Benefits Center (NBC) for further processing.

Why did USCIS Transfer the I-751 Petitions to NBC?  When necessary, USCIS transfers cases between its five service centers in order to balance the overall workload and in order to promote efficient and timely processing.

How will this affect my I-751 Petition?  If your Petition was transferred, you will receive a written Transfer Notice from USCIS.  However, you will not get a new receipt (case) number.  Instead, you will continue to use the same receipt number that was originally assigned to your case, even though it was issued from another Service Center.  Note also that a transfer will not delay the processing of your petition.

If my I-751 Petition was transferred to NBC, does that mean it will be approved? Or does it mean that it may be denied? Many of my clients want to know if the transfer is a sign that their case is going to be approved or not. To this question, my usual answer is “No”, this does not mean anything about the merits of your case or whether or will be approved or not. USCIS has not singled out or selected any particular petition based upon whether it is a strong or weak case. Rather, it is just done to improve the internal efficiency of USCIS and their ability to process petitions more quickly.

Is there anything I need to do if my Petition was Transferred?  If your I-751 Petition was transferred, make sure that you take note of the new address of the USCIS Service Center and that you follow all instructions on the Transfer Notice, or any other Notices or written communications you received from USCIS.

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