Intake Process

Our Intake Process for handling your Immigration Case consists of 4 Steps:

STEP 1 – Consultation

A consultation is given to answer any questions you have understand your U.S. Immigration needs and determine if and how we can be of assistance to you.

STEP 2 – Retain Our Services

If a determination is made that we can be of assistance to you and we decide to accept your case, we will reach an agreement with you about the services we will provide and the fees we will charge, including any filing fees or expenses that will be required during the representation.

STEP 3 – Analysis of your Immigration Case

After you retain our services, we will begin a comprehensive intake process during which you will provide us with all of the information and documents relevant to your case. If necessary, we will perform additional legal research on the issues and questions presented by your case and will provide a thorough analysis of your options. Once the Analysis has been completed, we will discuss our Analysis with you, go over all of your options, and will work with you to formulate a strategy for your case.

STEP 4 – Execution of Strategy

With an agreed upon Strategy in place, we will take steps to execute and act upon that Strategy in order to achieve your U.S. Immigration goals and objectives.

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