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Change of Venue (Immigration Court)

If you are placed in deportation/removal proceedings, you must generally go to the court and have your case heard by the Immigration Judge that has jurisdiction over the place where you live. This means that if you have moved away from the jurisdiction of Immigration Court that has control of your case, it may be possible for you to ask the judge to transfer your case, or change the venue, to the Immigration Court that has jurisdiction over your new residence.

In order to transfer your case and change venue, you will have to file papers with the Immigration Judge that is hearing your case and ask the Judge for permission to have your case transferred. You will also have to admit that you have received the original notice to appear in court to show that you understand that you are in deportation/removal proceedings. You will have to fill out and file a change of address form so that the Immigration Court has an official record of your new residence. Most Immigration Courts require that you file your papers with the Court at least 10 days before your scheduled hearing, in order to give the Judge time to consider your request.

But you are always required to appear in the original court and follow the instructions of the Judge unless the Judge approves of your request to transfer the case and change venue. If you are in deportation/removal proceedings and would like to transfer your case and change venue to where you live, you should speak to/consult with an experienced immigration lawyer.

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